2024: Visualization of Endpoint-Connections

Bachelor's theses

Jan Thurner



Getting an overview of different REST calls and the respective endpoints of large software systems is a tedious and error-prone task, as there are many endpoints, and the generation of URIs is often profoundly nested. Faulty endpoints may lead to decreased usability of a system. Manually analyzing the client- and server-sided authorization steps is equally tedious, as it happens in many places. Faulty authorization may have severe consequences. This thesis describes the development of a GitHub action analyzing client-sided REST calls and the respective server-sided REST endpoints, the used URLs, and the client- and server-sided authorization. The action will highlight discrepancies between the server and the client in the REST calls and the authorization. It will provide an overview of the existing endpoints, corresponding REST calls, and authorizations.

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Prof. Dr. Stephan Krusche

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