2023: User-Centered Design in Agile University Projects

Bachelor's theses

Benedikt Geisberger



Software developers widely recognize the adaptability of agile methods. Integrating User-Centered Design (UCD) principles with agile practices leads to software that is more refined to user needs and offers an intuitive user experience. Consistent user feedback during development can improve user satisfaction and overall product acceptance. This thesis aims to develop a UCD workflow tailored to agile projects within the university context. We have developed a workflow incorporating core UCD principles and drawing inspiration from the Rugby process model. This workflow comprises an onboarding phase that aims to bring all team members to a common knowledge level, followed by a continuous process incorporating UCD principles into interaction design tasks throughout the project. In addition, we are introducing a new tool called UICompanion, which aims to simplify the application of the UCD workflow by providing developers with step-by-step guides and automation. UICompanion guides developers through the process, making it easier to follow and understand. During the summer semester of 2023, we practically tested the proposed workflow in the iPraktikum course, and the subsequent User Surveys using the System Usability Scale questionnaire indicated general client satisfaction, offering us valuable insights. Additionally, we explored the theoretical application of the workflow in the Artemis course to assess its adaptability and benefits in different academic environments. In summary, this thesis provides a practical framework for integrating UCD principles into agile university projects, underscoring the significance of user-centric design in modern software development.

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