2024: LTI Based Artemis Integration in Learning Management Systems

Master's theses

Basak Akan




This thesis delves into enhancing the LTI-based Artemis integration within learning management systems, driven by the need to address existing challenges in Artemis’s implementation. These challenges include complex configuration processes and insufficient integration capabilities, which currently impede the effectiveness of Artemis. The thesis’s objectives are comprehensive: firstly, to develop an intuitive, user-friendly interface for LTI configuration, simplifying the integration process for instructors and administrators. Secondly, it aims to enhance the integration of exercises and learning content, making it seamless and more efficient. Lastly, ensuring secure and reliable data transmission between Artemis and the learning management systems is a crucial goal, vital for maintaining data integrity and user trust. Methodologically, thesis thoroughly analyzes the existing Artemis system, identifying its shortcomings and potential areas for enhancement. This is coupled with the practical aspect of designing, developing, and testing improvements to the system. The study not only focuses on the technical aspects of these improvements but also considers the impact on end-users, particularly regarding usability. This thesis improves the integration process of Artemis in Moodle and EdX and enhances the overall user experience, underscoring the importance of user-centric design in educational technology. These advancements enhance Artemis in online learning, making it more accessible, and efficient for students and instructors.

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