2024: Inclusive Learning Environments in the Cloud: Scalable Online IDEs for Higher Education

Master's theses

Yannik Schmidt



The interactive learning platform Artemis offers students a unique opportunity to learn and train software engineering skills online. Especially for advanced courses and topics, students need to set up a local integrated development environment (IDE) to work on their exercises which can be a daunting task. The main objectives of the thesis include the integration of the customized online IDE Theia within Artemis and the setup of a performant execution environment on Kubernetes. Students will profit from a familiar, constructively aligned exercise experience tailored to their course but without the need for local installations. Instructors can configure the online IDE to suit various educational needs, including the addition of plugins for Visual Studio Code (VSC) or the setup of specific execution environments. We plan to optimize exam experiences by assigning higher priority to Theia sessions linked to exams in Artemis. With a focus on equal opportunity, the thesis aims to provide a fair and accessible learning environment for all students and lowers technical barriers to start programming. By taking care of all technical prerequisites necessary for successful course participation, all users can focus on learning core competencies instead of the local development setup.

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Prof. Dr. Stephan Krusche

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