2024: Dynamic Lecture Content Management in Artemis

Master's theses

Aybike Ece Eren



The thesis aims to enhance the instructor interface and student experience in the IRIS learning platform. The project will introduce a thumbnail grid for instructors to manage slides intuitively, ensuring persistent configurations even when slides are updated. The system will adapt to changes, such as the addition of new slides, by automatically adjusting the selection and maintaining the overall structure. Advanced features like automatic slide number extraction and adaptive reference management will be implemented to maintain continuity when slides are updated. The project also aims to improve the student experience by enabling direct browser viewing of lecture slides, moving away from traditional PDF downloads. This approach will provide a more seamless and integrated learning experience, with functionalities like slide hiding synchronized with exercise deadlines. The in-browser viewing experience will be interactive, allowing students to engage with the material dynamically. Additional features to enhance user experience include interactive annotations, real-time communication integration on lecture slides, and a dark mode option for PDF viewing in the browser. This project will significantly improve the usability and functionality of the IRIS learning platform, fostering a more structured and paced learning environment.

Artemis is open source and available on https://github.com/ls1intum/Artemis

Head of Research Group

Prof. Dr. Stephan Krusche

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Sophia Adelmeier

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