2020: Development of Manual Assessment for Programming Exercises in the Orion Plugin

Bachelor's theses

Martin Dunker



Artemis is a learning platform used to conduct programming courses with programming exercises. Students submit their code and the system automa- tically runs tests on it. Nonetheless, manual assessment is still necessary to ensure fair grading. Reviewers are currently assessing the code using Artemis’s online code editor. While this code editor can show the code, advanced functionality like code completion or debugging is missing. If re- viewers wish to execute the students’ code, they need to manually download it into their IDE, causing a media disruption.

The same problem is already solved for students with the Orion plugin for Artemis, which integrates Artemis into the IntelliJ IDE, automating the download and import of programming exercises. In this thesis, we extend the plugin to support the manual assessment. The plugin should enable reviewers to automatically download the students’ code, making available all features of the IDE. Reviewers can create assessment comments with Orion, enabling them to perform the assessment without leaving the IDE.

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