2024: Design Anywhere: UML Modeling on Mobile Devices

Bachelor's theses

Alexander Görtzen



Artemis is a learning management system integrating Apollon, a web-based Unified Modeling Language (UML) modeling tool. It enables students to participate in modeling exercises and tutors to assess students’ modeling submissions via its web client. However, Artemis iOS, an app that allows students to interact with Artemis from their mobile device, and Themis, an app that enables tutors to assess student submissions, require UML modeling capabilities. Therefore, there is a significant need to adapt and optimize the web-based UML modeling tool Apollon for mobile devices due to the high prevalence of mobile devices among students and tutors. This thesis aims to bridge this usability gap, making UML modeling more efficient and user-friendly within the Artemis app ecosystem. The objective is to develop a reusable package for mobile UML modeling, modularizing, and decoupling the development process. We will incorporate the package into Artemis iOS to allow students to participate in modeling exercises and view modeling exercise feedback from the comfort of their mobile devices. Additionally, we will integrate this package into Themis, enabling tutors to efficiently assess and grade modeling exercise submissions from their iPads. As a final objective, we will create a standalone mobile UML modeling app that integrates the package for easy-to-use and flexible on-the-go modeling. The main contribution of this thesis lies in improving students’ learning experience by allowing them to seamlessly create, edit, and view UML diagrams on their mobile devices while streamlining the workflow for tutors.

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Prof. Dr. Stephan Krusche

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