2024: Crafting Personalized Learning: Developing Dynamic Learner Profiles

Bachelor's theses

Konrad Gößmann



Personalized learning experiences are pivotal in enhancing student engagement and academic success. This thesis investigates the development of dynamic learner profiles within Artemis, an open-source Learning Management System (LMS). By leveraging data analytics and machine learning techniques, we aim to generate comprehensive learner profiles that capture individual learning behaviors, preferences, and progress. These profiles will enable tailored educational experiences, providing insights for both educators and learners. The study covers the methodology for data collection and analysis, the design and implementation of the profiling system, and the impact of personalized learning on student outcomes. This research offers valuable contributions to the field of adaptive learning technologies and the advancement of personalized education.

Head of Research Group

Prof. Dr. Stephan Krusche

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Sophia Adelmeier

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