2024: Implementing an AI-Driven Chatbot in CIT: Enhancing Information Accessibility and Administrative Efficiency

Master's theses



The CIT school at TUM faces a significant challenge in managing the high volume of routine inquiries from students and faculty, which currently are handled primarily through traditional communication channels such as emails. This results in an administrative burden that could be alleviated through automated processes. This thesis outlines the development of a chatbot designed to autonomously handle common inquiries, directing users to appropriate resources and thereby enhancing the efficiency of service delivery within CIT.

The development process of the chatbot will be structured in progressive phases, initially supporting staff in creating responses and gradually moving towards full autonomy in handling inquiries. The chatbot will be equipped to escalate complex cases to human operators, ensuring a balance between automation and necessary human oversight. Privacy considerations will also be thoroughly examined to determine the most appropriate ways to handle user interactions, whether anonymously or with identification. The project aims to extend the chatbot’s utility across various administrative services, potentially transforming the landscape of administrative interactions within CIT.

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