iPraktikum Winter Semester 2022/2023

Course description

In this onsite course, you develop mobile applications in the context of a larger system architecture. Depending on the project, you work with application servers, machine learning algorithms, smart sensors, intelligent clothing, wearables like the Apple Watch or micro-controllers.

You get to know workflows, activities and tools of state-of-the-art agile software engineering, in particular agile hardware/software co-development, from requirements engineering to system delivery. You learn Apple’s programming language Swift, UI frameworks such as SwiftUI, and modern paradigms for asynchronous programming. You gain hands-on knowledge in the fields of system modeling, usability engineering and continuous integration and delivery.

Industry partners provide real problem statements. You get real team and project experience while working tightly together with a real client towards a real deadline.


The chart shows the project-based organization of the course. All projects are shown as columns, including information about the customer, project management, and student team. A team of twelve student coaches dealt with the project management of the teams. Furthermore, cross-project teams with one member of each team (horizontal bars) dealt with different aspects during the project. The release management team was in charge of the right usage of version control, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and feedback management. The Usability Engineering team kept an eye on usability aspects and metrics of the mobile applications. The modeling team was responsible for the modeling activities, including the creation of informal models, i.e., trailer, mockups, and UML diagrams, to improve the communication of difficult aspects within the team.



Plan My Kitchen is an app which guides consumers through the entire kitchen planning journey ensuring pleasant customer experience.

Team members: Stephan Krusche (Project Leader), Ani Dekova (Co-Project Leader), Léon Friedmann (Coach), Bechir Boujelbene, Michael Assad, Bjarne Sauer, Ting-Yu Lu Diana Deldar, Wu Yo Ying, Ilgin Balkan, Xingyu Zhang

Customers: Berk Saraloglu, Cristina Montanes, Berkay Ogulcan Tutal

B/S/H/ Werkstatt

Hestia offers a holistic customer experience throughout their kitchen purchase journey via 3D visualizations.

Team members: Matthias Linhuber (Project Leader), Maisa Ben Salah (Co-Project Leader), Mohamed Bilel Besrour (Coach), Arpen Matinyan, Mert Corumlu, Dominik Scharpf, Oscar Breiner, Dylan Alvandi, Tobias Schamel, Georgi Tsipov

Customers: Berkay Ogulcan Tutal, Cristina Montanes


Enlight - Follow your personal development journey at Netlight by exploring tailored learning content and signing up to consulting courses.

Team members: Maximilian Sölch (Project Leader), Philipp Zagar (Co-Project Leader), Valeryia Andraichuk (Coach), Andreas Resch, Jakob Koerber, Berzan Yildiz, Luis Gaspar Schroeder, Cem Nasit Sarica, Sophie Witt, Irene Huang, Yannic Seibert

Customers: Nina Lattke, Alex Ungar, Narin Mahmuti

Quartett Mobile

Copilot - The app for on the road, to focus on the journey, not the destination.

Team members: Evgeny Volynsky (Project Leader), Julian Kretzschmar (Coach), Armin Stanitzok, Özgürcan Öztas, Felix Schlegel, Rei Balla, Gökhan Sisman, Rodrigo Fernandez, Moritz Sturm, Tamara Stahl

Customers: Leon von Tippelskirch


City Connect is an app allowing decentralized multi-agent decision making in a smart city.

Team members: Bernd Brügge (Project Leader), Mohammad Naanaa (Co-Project Leader), Rojeena Maharjan (Coach), Aleksandar Manev, Rebecca Leipsic, Atharva Mathapati, Sami Alfhaily, Claas Beger, Tadeusz Czyzewicz, Azarya Haposan, Florian Maier, Ulkar Aslanova

Customers: Jochen Nickles, Markus Sauer, Lukasz Zalewski


Themis allows tutors to view and assess students’ programming submissions made in the Artemis learning platform.

Team members: Maximilian Sölch (Project Leader), Anna Lottner (Coach), Alexander Lange, Katjana Kosic, Andreas Cselovszky, Paul Schwind, Evan Christopher, Tan-Colin Wei, Florian Huber, Tom Rudnick

Customers: Jan Philip Bernius


Vay Feedback, state-of-the-art issue tracking (and management) for teledrivers.

Team members: Matthias Linhuber (Project Leader), Christoph Weinhuber (Co-Project Leader), Amin Ben Saad (Coach), Aleksandre Kandelaki, Ferdy Dermawan Hadiwijaya, Ben Julian Riegel, Nick Alexander Hübner, Benedict Bode, Sertay Akpinar, Benedikt Geisberger, Simge Tiras

Customers: Mariana Avezum, Rodrigo Zacheu Russo, Mstsislau Babakou


UNICORN - Remote management of IoT devices in event rooms.

Team members: Bernd Brügge (Project Leader), Chaima Ghaddab (Coach), Benjamin Hadizamani, Simon Longhao Ouyang, Jonas Schuhmacher, Ting Hsu, Pascal Weißleder, Tobias Wasner, Petr Kubes, Xinyi Cui

Customers: Simon Lang

Head of Research Group

Prof. Dr. Stephan Krusche

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