Ferienakademie 2023


Prof. Dr. Stephan Krusche Technische Universität München Instructor
Prof. Dr. Bernd Brügge Technische Universität München Instructor

Jochen Nickles

Siemens IoT Guest Lecturer

Dr. Markus Sauer

Siemens IoT Guest Lecturer

September 17 - 29, 2023, Sarntal Valley, South Tyrol, Italy

“Self-organizing Industrial Cyber-physical Systems”

Course Description

In this course, we focus on developing a comprehensive and flexible industrial production system capable of producing various products. Multiple teams will work on different aspects of the system, including order placement, inbound logistics, manufacturing, and outbound logistics, to create an autonomous and adaptive cyber-physical system.

We provide a manufacturing unit (Fischertechnik with production control), logistics units (Automated Guided Vehicles), and the Industrial Edge, including the ecosystem.

Students will design user interfaces for order placement and tracking, develop logistics for raw material delivery, create logic and order control for manufacturing in an edge app, and manage logistics for end products.

The goal is to implement industrial edge apps, elaborate various end-to-end scenarios aiming at a circular economy, demonstrate diverse ordering, production, and logistics scenarios, and monitor orders and resources.

Industrial Edge

This year’s Ferienakademie offers the possibility to use the Industrial Edge ecosystem for the development process. From Siemen’s Industrial Edge documentation:

Siemens Industrial Edge (IE) is an open, ready-to-use edge computing platform, with edge devices, edge applications (apps) and connectivity through an integrated app and device management infrastructure. It allows you to easily connect, manage and operate globally distributed edge installations, with your own or the diverse apps available through the Industrial Edge Marketplace.

Source: https://docs.eu1.edge.siemens.cloud

Industrial Edge enables developers to generate important knowledge from the data gathered from machines, IT systems, the cloud, or other sources. With full control over it, it allows developers to optimize workflows, save resources, and improve quality.

Data is processed in real time directly at the individual machines and is not exported outside the company. Because of this and the possibility to avoid sending raw data, it lightens the load of IT infrastructure. With full control over the data, it can be defined which part of it is processed locally and which is optionally transferred to a cloud for further processing.

The Industrial Edge Community is a place where developers can share their knowledge and experience with each other, and offers documentation, open-source projects, along with tutorials and training courses. The Industrial Edge Community can be visited here, along with the forums, projects, and documentation sources offered by them.

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