During the Ferienakademie Summer School, students work on solutions to real-world problems combining different technologies. This program has been carried out since 1984 in collaboration with the University of Stuttgart and the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg

Ferienakademie 2023
Self-organizing Industrial Cyber-physical Systems

In this course, we focus on developing a comprehensive and flexible industrial production system capable of producing various products. Multiple teams will work on different aspects of the system, including order placement, inbound logistics, manufacturing, and outbound logistics, to create an autonomous and adaptive cyber-physical system.

Ferienakademie 2022
Decentralized Decision Making and Simulation Models in Smart City Infrastructures

In this course, you will be a member of the fictitious startup "Sarnfleet," which aims to provide the next generation of logistics services for urban areas. Sarnfleet is a service for climate-neutral robot deliveries which combines the opportunities of digitalization with the challenges of the green energy transition. Sarnfleet simulates the energy market based on weather conditions to predict the availability of cheap green energy and routes its fleet of autonomous Duckiebots to provide the best service at a minimal cost.

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Prof. Dr. Stephan Krusche

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Sophia Adelmeier

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