Women in CS

We support projects and initiatives aiming to introduce young women and girls to STEM fields, like information technology. Through workshops, courses and events, these initiatives introduce programming to women. Female students act as role-models so that girls are inspired about technology. Interested young women get an overview and spark their interest in fields where they are still under-represented.

she.codes by TEC
Programmierworkshops, von Studentinnen für Schülerinnen

she.codes is a recognized university group made by students of the KIT and the TUM, founded to bring girls closer to coding, regardless of their resources. The program allows girls to get in contact with programming and with role models, which are important in order to create orientation and representation. In the different courses offered, participants combine creativity and programming and write their first programs.

IT-Kurse für Mädchen

HackerSchool is a non-profit organization aiming to inspire children and young people for IT and programming. Supported nationwide by volunteer IT professionals and in cooperation with modern companies involved in civil society, it allows participants to understand and help shape the digital world.

Angebote speziell für Mädchen und junge Frauen von ExploreTUM

ExploreTUM is a series of programs offered at the Technical University of Munich with the shared goal of bringing women closer to STEM fields. They aim to allow women and girls to experiment, explore the student life, and discover their interest in science and technology through a range of programs

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