ITiCSE '24 - Paper Accepted - Iris: An AI-Driven Virtual Tutor for Computer Science Education

Monday, 15 April 2024 • Patrick Bassner

We are excited to announce the acceptance of our research paper titled “Iris: An AI-Driven Virtual Tutor for Computer Science Education” at ITiCSE 2024!

In this innovative research, we explore the integration of Iris, a chat-based virtual tutor, within the Artemis learning platform. This development addresses a critical challenge in computer science education: the need for personalized, context-aware learning experiences that can adapt to individual student needs in large-scale educational environments.

Iris leverages cutting-edge Generative AI to provide tailored guidance and feedback, enhancing student engagement and promoting independent problem-solving skills. It seamlessly integrates with existing exercise descriptions and code repositories, minimizing the cognitive load on students and allowing them to focus on learning effectively.

This publication not only details the development of Iris but also presents the findings from an empirical evaluation using a survey to measure its perceived effectiveness among students. We invite the academic and educational technology communities to read the full preprint and engage with us in discussing this significant advancement.

🔗 Read the Full Preprint Here

Interface of Iris, the AI-driven virtual tutor.


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