Generative AI Taskforce - featuring Stephan Krusche

Monday, 15 January 2024 • Ignacio Garcia

The Generative AI Taskforce at the TUM Think Tank brings together a diverse team of experts and researchers who provide guidance to decision makers in government, industry, and civil society on issues related toi the design, governance and use of generative AI technology. In a recent episode they held a brief interview with Prof. Dr. Stephan Krusche, where he shares his vision of the future role of GenAI in education.

In a brief 5-minute interview, the potential of generative AI in education was explored. One example discussed was the planned integration of IRIS into Artemis, which promises to transform the learning process by providing quick answers to student questions, along with generating feedback and learning content. This should result in instructors having their workload significantly reduced while keeping a quality learning experience for the students.

Current challenges were also addressed, such as the current gap in quality between open-source models and proprietary ones, preventing the integration of generative AI while preserving data privacy. The conversation also touched upon the ethical considerations surrounding the use of generative AI, highlighting the need for guidelines developed collaboratively between students and professors.

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