From the Classroom to the Workplace – AI Technologies and the Changing Face of Education

Thursday, 15 February 2024 • Ignacio Garcia

The Oxford Internet Institute and TUM Campus Heilbronn Webinar Series brings together researchers from the University of Oxford and TUM Heilbronn Campus to discuss various topics concerning AI and educational technologies. The focus lies on the current development state and on ensuring the responsible advancement of AI technologies to promote efficiency, fairness, and risk awareness.

In the third edition, titled “AI Technologies and the Changing Face of Education”, three researchers deliver 15-minute presentations exploring how education and work dynamics are evolving in response to the surge of AI-powered technologies. Prof. Dr. Stephan Krushe held a presentation on the development and application of IRIS:

I had the privilege of giving a presentation “IRIS: Pioneering AI-assisted Education.” This talk focused on the integration of Generative AI (GenAI) into the open-source learning platform Artemis to make it available to TUM students. Key topics included AI-based chat support for students, the creation of engaging programming exercises through AI assistance, and the provision of automated feedback across various exercise formats. The presentation also covered advanced concepts like vector databases, tokenization, embeddings, and the use of learning analytics to deliver personalized student engagement. Watch the full presentation for a deeper understanding.

Additional presentations featured in this webinar edition are as follows:

  • Dr. Lulu Shi (University of Oxford), in her presentation titled “Education Technology Trends - Usage and Perception”, discusses the impact of technology on education, mentioning the current dominance of for-profit EdTech companies and the need for understanding their influence on classroom dynamics.
  • Dr. Fabian Stephany (University of Oxford) examines UK firms’ shift towards skill-based hiring for AI and green jobs, emphasizing the importance of individual skills over formal qualifications to address talent shortages in professions. Watch his presentation here.

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