Breaking Barriers: Highlighting Female Perspectives in Computer Science Education at TUM

Wednesday, 10 January 2024 • Stephan Krusche

This week, the Technical University of Munich experienced a great moment in computer science education, marked by the exceptional contributions of four young women: Jana Nina Friedrich, Jasmina Vulovic, Lena Kahle, and Andrea Solanas de Vicente.

The whole lecture team in Heilbronn

In the “Introduction to Programming” lecture series held in Heilbronn and Garching, these talented students, who also serve as tutors, led the sessions with remarkable skill and inspiration. As a professor in software engineering and education technologies, it was a rare and gratifying experience for me to observe their teaching, which was not only informative but also motivating.

The impact of Jana, Jasmina, Lena, and Andrea as role models was profound. Their presence at the podium went beyond the traditional role of tutors; they were exemplary for the success of women in computer science. Their confidence and proficiency in explaining and discussing programming concepts were inspirational.

What set these lectures apart was the unique perspective these young women brought. Being close in age and experience to their peers, they provided insights that resonated more strongly with the student audience. Through examples from their personal applications and research, they made the complicated world of programming more accessible and practical.

This event underscores the critical role of diversity in educational settings, particularly in fields like computer science where women have been historically underrepresented. By assuming the roles of lecturers, these students did more than teach; they challenged stereotypes and highlighted the diverse insights that are crucial for the advancement of technology.

In our role as educators, it is essential to encourage and support such talent. It is our duty to create an environment where students of all genders are encouraged to lead and express their unique viewpoints. This lecture series is a demonstration of the progress we are making towards a more inclusive and diverse technology landscape. It is also a reminder of the need to continually recognize and support the women who are at the forefront of this change in computer science education.

The full lecture hall in Heilbronn
All four young women as roles models in computer science
Jana Nina Friedrich taught about domain-specific languages
Jasmina Vulovic explained syntax trees
Lena Kahle gave a presentation on control flow diagrams
Andrea Solanas de Vicente presented regular expressions

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