IRIS - Towards AI-driven Interactive Learning

Thursday, 6 July 2023 • Patrick Bassner

The future of learning is taking shape and Artemis is at the heart of this transformation. We are delighted to announce the development of an intelligent virtual tutor IRIS which is based on Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs). We currently develop IRIS as part of the practical course Interactive Learning and integrate it into Artemis. IRIS will support students in solving (programming) tasks.

With the introduction of IRIS, we aim to provide effective one-on-one assistance at any time without the need for human tutors’ interaction to support students in their learning process. IRIS is designed to assist students in gaining deep understanding and knowledge, while simultaneously fostering confidence and autonomy while learning. This is accomplished by considering individual learning needs and providing personalized support around the clock.

An example of a conversation between IRIS and a student about a binary search algorithm

The integration of artificial intelligence in the education sector is experiencing significant growth, and we are actively engaged in this transformation by facilitating an optimized and personalized learning experience with IRIS. IRIS is not a replacement for human tutors but a valuable tool that assists students in enhancing their problem-solving abilities and reaching their full potential. Students are encouraged to apply critical thinking and exercise their own judgment when using IRIS-generated content. IRIS is designed to distinguish between genuine and malicious questions and will only answer appropriate requests. It will guide the student towards the next step when solving an exercise instead of simply providing the solution.

We plan to launch IRIS in autumn 2023, so that students can use it in the upcoming winter semester of 2023/24. The continuous improvement and adaptation of this technology will be facilitated by the feedback and active participation of the students. We look forward to the upcoming release of IRIS and the future developments it will enable in the field of digital, interactive learning.

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