New conference paper: "Integrating Competency-Based Education in Interactive Learning Systems"

Tuesday, 14 February 2023 • Jan Philip Bernius

The paper titled “Integrating Competency-Based Education in Interactive Learning Systems” by Maximilian Sölch, Moritz Aberle, and Stephan Krusche was accepted for this years International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge. You can already read the preprint here.

"Integrating Competency-Based Education in Interactive Learning Systems" by Maximilian Sölch, Moritz Aberle, and Stephan Krusche

Abstract—Artemis is an interactive learning system that organizes courses, hosts lecture content and interactive exercises, conducts exams, and creates automatic assessments with individual feedback. Research shows that students have unique capabilities, previous experiences, and expectations. However, the course content on current learning systems, including Artemis, is not tailored to a student’s competencies. The main goal of this paper is to describe how to make Artemis capable of competency-based education and provide individual course content based on the unique characteristics of every student. We show how instructors can define relations between competencies to create a competency relation graph, how Artemis measures and visualizes the student’s progress toward mastering a competency, and how the progress can generate a personalized learning path for students that recommends relevant learning resources. Finally, we present the results of a user study regarding the usability of the newly designed competency visualization and give an outlook on possible improvements and future visions.

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