Hackathon in a train? Yes, please!

Thursday, 19 January 2023 • Philipp Zagar

Presentation to mobile consultants in Hamburg

Last week one of the iPraktikum teams, specifically the Netlight Team, had a unique opportunity to go on a trip to Copenhagen. The goal was to get a more holistic understanding of the Netlight consulting company by experiencing their offices in Hamburg and Copenhagen. The students travelled to Copenhagen sustainably by train with a stop in Hamburg, each ride took approximately five hours. But how to make use of these ~20 hours? It turned out that travelling by train is a good opportunity to be productive and develop an iOS application! Why?

  • 👥 Collaboration : First and foremost, being together on train with the other team members and customers significantly shortens the communication overhead and accelerates the decision making process. It is the perfect setting for innovative teamwork and brainstorming.

  • 🔝 Mutual motivation : Sitting next to a team member who is focused and hard working on the app makes one more willing to concentrate and get the work done.

  • 📵 Little to no distractions : Trains provide a relatively quiet and focused environment in comparison to a usual working place with house chores or university chatter. One might be more tempted to do yet another break watching Netflix at home, something that isn’t applicable for train rides at all.

  • Refresh the mind and boost your creativity 💡: The change of scenery during train rides breaks the monotony of working from the same place every day. This fact can be quite inspiring!

  • 🌍 Last but not least, sustainability : In comparison to travelling by plane, train is considered to be more sustainable and have less environmental impact per passenger mile.

All in all, what do developers need? Laptop, internet and food - all of that is available on the train! If you bring a thermo cup with coffee - bonus points! The team had a positive experience and enjoyed the coding Hackathon! They managed to finish large amount of work while technically being on a trip to another beautiful city! Thanks a lot to @netlight for sponsoring and organising this amazing trip! 🥳

Hackathon on the train

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