Matthias Linhuber, M.Sc.

+49 89 289-18234
Postal Address
Technical University of Munich
Matthias Linhuber, M.Sc. (CIT–I1)
Boltzmannstraße 3
85748 Garching b. München


Research Interests

  • Container-based software engineering
  • Container orchestration
  • Kubernetes
  • Education Technology


↓ 2023

Presentations and Workshops

↓ 2023

  • Workshop: Container based Software Engineering: The Cloud at your Fingertips Heilbronn (Germany), March 2023
  • Workshop: Agile Methods: Empowering Leadership and Innovation Munich (Germany), January 2024


  • iPraktikum WS22/23 - Team Werkstatt - Plan You Kitchen (Mentor)
  • iPraktikum WS22/23 - Team Vay - Teledriving (Mentor)
  • JASS 2023 - Kubernetes in cyber physical systems
  • iPraktikum SS23 - Team SAP - Last mile navigation (Mentor)
  • iPraktikum SS23 - Team DPM - Return anywhere system for reusable food containers (Project Lead)
  • Ferienakademie 2023 - Self-organizing Industrial Cyper-Physical Systems
  • iPraktikum WS23/24 - Team MBW - The BMW Vision Experience: Where every detail is not just imagined, but experienced (Mentor)


↓ Summer 2020

  • iPraktikum

↓ Winter 2019/20

  • iPraktikum

↓ Summer 2019

  • iPraktikum

↓ Winter 2018/19

  • iPraktikum

↓ Summer 2018

  • iPraktikum



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In Progress

Bachelor's ThesesTease 2 0 Enhancing Matching Effectiveness and Usability for Team Allocation in Project Courses
Start DateFebruary 2024
Advisor(s)Ramona Beinstingel, and Matthias Linhuber
Supervisor(s)Prof. Dr. Stephan Krusche
StudentPhilipp Nagy

This thesis contributes to the enhancement of the Team Allocator for Software Engineering courses, an open-source tool for forming student teams. The focus is on optimizing data import and export functionalities, refining the matching algorithm, improving the user interface and experience, and implementing a serverside component to enable synchronous multi-user collaboration. The methodology employed is agile development with 2-3 week product increments, allowing for regular testing and release cycles. The main contribution of this work lies in providing significant upgrades to the TEASE project, enhancing its usability and efficiency in project-based educational settings.

Bachelor's ThesesTowards on Premises Kubernetes Deployments: Storage and User Management
Start DateMay 2024
Advisor(s)Matthias Linhuber, and Robert Jandow
Supervisor(s)Prof. Dr. Stephan Krusche
StudentColin Wilk

The emergence of Kubernetes has transformed the practices surrounding the deployment and management of containerized applications by introducing advanced automation, scalability, and operational ease. This thesis focuses on enhancing the Kubernetes deployment at the Technical University of Munich. We identify key issues within the current deployment architecture, including the lack of persistent storage in the Kubernetes cluster, making it unsuitable for stateful applications like Artemis, the cumbersome quality assurance workflow for Artemis, and lacking access control hindering educational use of the Kubernetes cluster.

Master's ThesesInclusive Learning Environments in the Cloud: Scalable Online IDEs for Higher Education
Start DateJune 2024
Advisor(s)Matthias Linhuber
Supervisor(s)Prof. Dr. Stephan Krusche
StudentYannik Schmidt

The interactive learning platform Artemis offers students a unique opportunity to learn and train software engineering skills online. Especially for advanced courses and topics, students need to set up a local integrated development environment (IDE) to work on their exercises which can be a daunting task. The main objectives of the thesis include the integration of the customized online IDE Theia within Artemis and the setup of a performant execution environment on Kubernetes.


Basak AkanMatthias LinhuberProf. Dr. Stephan KruscheLTI Based Artemis Integration in Learning Management SystemsMaster's Theses08/2023 - 02/2024
Andreas ReschMatthias Linhuber, and Robert JandowProf. Dr. Stephan KruscheA Domain Specific Language for Streamlining CI Job Configuration for Programming ExercisesMaster's Theses08/2023 - 02/2024
Benedikt GeisbergerPatrick Bassner, and Matthias LinhuberProf. Dr. Stephan KruscheUser-Centered Design in Agile University ProjectsBachelor's Theses05/2023 - 10/2023
Valeryia AndraichukMatthias Linhuber, and Philipp ZagarProf. Dr. Stephan KruschePROMPT - Process Model for Managing Project-Based TeachingMaster's Theses03/2023 - 09/2023
Adrian SohnMatthias Linhuber, and Christoph WeinhuberProf. Dr. Stephan KruscheExtending TEASE Enhancing the Reference Implementation of TEMPOBachelor's Theses02/2023 - 06/2023
Florian GareisMatthias LinhuberProf. Dr. Stephan KruscheCode Quality Assurance Using E2E TestsMaster's Theses12/2022 - 06/2023
Ludwig PuslMatthias LinhuberProf. Dr. Stephan KruscheAutomatic Test Environment Deployment and Continuous Security Analysis for Learning PlatformsMaster's Theses09/2022 - 06/2023
Simon LeißMatthias LinhuberProf. Dr. Stephan KruscheScaling of a monolith application using microservice architectureMaster's Theses07/2022 - 01/2023
Benjamin Sebastian SchmitzDr. Jan Philip Bernius, and Matthias LinhuberProf. Dr. Stephan KruscheAutomatic Correction of Programming Exercises With Artemis and Gitlab CiSeminar's Theses01/2022 - 12/2022
Kilian WarmuthMatthias Linhuber, and Robert JandowProf. Dr. Stephan KruscheTowards a Declarative Definition of Network Configurations Custom Terraform Provider for Rest ApisBachelor's Theses01/2022 - 05/2022

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