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Embarking on Innovation: iPraktikum Summer 2024 Prep Begins!
25 Jan 2024 • Maximilian Sölch

Get ready to dive into a journey where your development skills meet real-world impact! 🚀 Join us for the 27th edition of the iPraktikum at TUM Applied Education Technologies in partnership with Apple’ AATCe program in the summer 2024. This is a great opportunity to shape the future with your own hands 🌍✨ You do not only learn but you innovate, create, and contribute to society in meaningful ways while you become an industry-ready software engineer.

Breaking Barriers: Highlighting Female Perspectives in Computer Science Education at TUM
10 Jan 2024 • Stephan Krusche

This week, the Technical University of Munich experienced a great moment in computer science education, marked by the exceptional contributions of four young women: Jana Nina Friedrich, Jasmina Vulovic, Lena Kahle, and Andrea Solanas de Vicente. The whole lecture team in Heilbronn In the “Introduction to Programming” lecture series held in Heilbronn and Garching, these talented students, who also serve as tutors, led the sessions with remarkable skill and inspiration. As a professor in software engineering and education technologies, it was a rare and gratifying experience for me to observe their teaching, which was not only informative but also motivating.

Bali Calling: Paper Accepted for MoMM2023
27 Nov 2023 • Santiago Berrezueta

We are thrilled to share that our research paper has been accepted at the 21st International Conference on Advances in Mobile Computing & Multimedia Intelligence (MoMM 2023) in Bali, Indonesia. 21st International Conference on Advances in Mobile Computing & Multimedia Intelligence Our latest research paper introduces a transformative mobile application designed to support the occupational therapy for children with ADHD. This app, part of a comprehensive smart-home environment, enables therapists and parents to remotely observe and interact with children during therapy sessions.

Koli Calling 2023 - Paper Accepted - Constructive Alignment in Modern Computing Education: An Open-Source Computer-Based Examination System
2 Nov 2023 • Matthias Linhuber

We are thrilled to share that our paper, “Constructive Alignment in Modern Computing Education: An Open-Source Computer-Based Examination System,” has been accepted at Koli Calling International Conference on Computing Education Research in Finland this year. In our research, we tackle a critical challenge in computing education: the disconnect between teaching aims and the evaluation methods in large-scale paper-based examinations (PBEs). Such exams often fail to assess the higher-order cognitive abilities that are essential for students to succeed in the fast-paced and complex tech industry.

Interview: AI in the center of our society
3 Aug 2023 • Stephan Krusche

In an interview in the magazine “Wirtschaftswoche”, Prof. Dr. Stephan Krusche discusses AI in the center of our society. With the establishment of a new data science center, TUM is placing a clear focus on data science and AI at the Heilbronn Campus. The current hype around AI-based language programs such as ChatGPT raises hopes, but also concerns. In the end, it all comes down to responsible use. Natural stupidity beats artificial intelligence any day," is a quote from British fantasy writer Sir Terry Pratchett.

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The world is changing ever faster. We address complex problems and fast cycles with agile methods and continuous software engineering. With partners from industry and academia, we develop, implement, and evaluate innovative methods and solutions to deal with today's challenges.

We apply educational technologies and artificial intelligence to enhance learning and teaching. We involve students actively in the learning process and prepare them for future challenges. They participate in engaging, practical courses with real clients while having fun.

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